Printbox is on the go solution for document printing. It combines Printbox cloud system with many features such as: free user cloud account, free document storage, free account management and remote access, online payment, and self-service kiosk for A4 document colour printing. Printbox system enables registration to anyone and gives users free Printbox cloud account into which users may upload their files from phone, tablet, PC, USB stick or Printbox library. All documents are stored in Printbox user cloud account and are reachable any time at any Printbox kiosk or remotely via web application at Printbox system also links all Printbox kiosks into global network and enables registered users to print documents from their Printbox cloud account at any Printbox kiosk.

Printbox kiosk is a self-service printing, copying and scanning kiosk available in many countries including Austria – in shopping centres, petrol stations, libraries, universities and student residences. Using a Printbox kiosk is simple, and is performed through a touchscreen interface. You can create your own free Printbox user account online or at any Printbox kiosk, or print documents without registration. You can load files that you want to print to your Printbox user account from a USB flash drive or via , e-mail, Windows program or mobile app. Pay in cash at the Printbox kiosk and start printing. Don’t forget: Printbox kiosk offers you colour printing for the price of black-and-white printing.

You no longer need your own printer and you don’t have to wait in the long lines of the local copy shops any more. Just look for the nearest Printbox kiosk that is always waiting for you filled with paper and ink, and start printing.

Printbox is self-service solution for everyone that wants to print or scan their files anytime and everywhere – on their way to the kindergarten, school, on a meeting or at the time of their stop at the gas station. Printbox can be used by kids, students, tradesmen, entrepreneurs, parents, retirees...

With Printbox you may print or scan student literature, invoices, contracts, presentational literature, invitation letters, thanksgiving letters, children's songs and coloring books, articles, Boy Scout program, flying tickets, cooking recipes and other documents at any Printbox kiosk.

You may print only 1 page or multiple paged documents at once, every time at your nearest Printbox kiosk. Document printing will take no longer than a few minutes.

Below you may read feedbacks and stories from some of Printbox users with different age and profession. They have shared their user experience.

Using Printbox services brings a number of advantages, compared to using your own printer or printing at copy shops:

  • 24-hour operation and 24/7 access in certain locations;
  • Network of kiosks constantly expanding throughout Austria;
  • Convenient access to the user account via Internet or mobile application;
  • Storage and archiving of documents;
  • Low-cost colour printing;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Other advantages of the Printbox cloud printing system can be seen in the chart below.

Save up to 60%

Available 24/7

365 days per year

Easy to use

Modern touchscreen user interface.

No software Instalation

No app or any other software instalation required.

User privacy

User documents and user information are highly secured.

Environmentally friendly

Printbox is not producing any waste cartridges and uses only paper from farmed trees.

Cloud printing

Users can acces documents at any Printbox kiosk.

Web and mobile access

Users can upload documents to their cloud account through mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Fast and reliable print

Two separate printers insure twice the speed and realibility.

Always in color

Print, copy and scan in color.

Scan and archive

Users can scan any document and store it to their cloud account.

Multiple file types

PDF, Word, Exel, Power Point, JPEG, TIFF, GIF.

Printbox kiosk is more than just a printer. You can print, copy and scan different types of documents, pay for the services, and store and archive in the user account available on any Printbox kiosk, on the website or mobile application. In all Printbox kiosks you can pay in cash. Credit can be used anytime and anywhere in Printbox kiosks in Austria. The Printbox cloud system offers several possibilities to store, send and upload documents, which provides for a user-friendly experience. Choose manual menu on the top of the screen to read more about the use and operation of Printbox.

Payments can be made at any Printbox kiosk (cash) or with online payment (bank transfer or payment cards).

Bank transfer
Payment card

Cloud computing also enables multitude of file storing and uploading options, which makes the user experience so much easier.


Printbox kiosks are available in different locations across Austria. Some locations offer access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and most of the kiosks are available for the public. Click on location menu on the top of the screen to find the nearest Printbox kiosk and try it out.

Printbox kiosk is a self-service device, which means that the entire service is performed by the user. Using it is simple, fast and safe. The user interface on a Printbox kiosk is operated via a touchscreen. When using a Printbox kiosk for the first time, follow the procedure below:

  1. Register or login.
  2. Upload your documents.
  3. Purchase credits.
  4. Print your documents.

Read more about Printbox services here.

Printbox virtual library is a collection of free literature that is available to registered and unregistered users in any Printbox kiosk in Austria.

Information screen
Supports picture and video formats.
Simple and intuitive user interface.
USB input
Fast and easy file upload from USB flash drive.
Scanner is installed on a Flatbed.
Slots for payments
Pay in cash with bills or coins.
Exit shelf
Here you can pick up your printed documents.

  Printing Scanning
Speed Up to 40 pages per minute Up to 20 pages per minute
Colour Full colour Full colour, Black & White (optional)
Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi 600 dpi
Two-sided Yes Yes
Paper capacity/loading 1800-2500 paper sheets 50 paper sheets at Automatic Feeder, 1 paper sheet at Flatbed
Paper type Quality 80 gr/m2 Up to 120 gr/m2
Paper size A4 Up to A4
File types PDF, JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, Word, Excel, Power Point, Open Office Automatically converted to PDF
Uploading documents E-mail, PC, tablet, mobile phone, web site USB flash drive Flatbed, Automatic Feeder